wanmock KIT designed by TORAFU Architects

A breed-specific architectural structure designed by world-class Japanese firm Torafu Architects. In Japanese, a dog says, "wan," the name "Wanmock" combines the woof sound with the piece's hammock style. The Wanmock was specifically designed for a dog 10-15 inches tall at the shoulder and 14-18 pounds. Stretch an old T-shirt or sweater over it, the smell and feeling of the fabric will set your dog at ease. Creates a feel-good relationship between humans and dogs! Easy to carry and ready to assemble.


TORAFU ARCHITECTSによる犬のための建築「wanmock」を手軽につくれるキットができました。釘打ちをしなくても、合板を組み立てるだけで完成させることができます。素材はシナ合板。組み立てたあと、持っているTシャツを着せれば完成です。詳しいつくり方は、パッケージの内側に日英2カ国語で書かれています。

Size of package:
w32.7 × d32.7 × h1.8inch (12.6lbs) / w830 × d830 × h45mm (5.7kg)
Size of piece:
w21.5 × d28.8 × h15.6inch(6.4lbs) / w546 × d731 × h398 (2.9kg)

Product Image